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28-page 9" x 12" interactive newsprint edition.





Cover by Christian Applegate @christian.applegate
Teddy's Atlas Music Video by Josh Sleight

Fadeaways Art by Ernesto Cabral
Poem by Zanzibar Gem w/ Photo by The Oscillitarium

Music by Al Byrd, Ben McCarthy & Lennon C.B.

Your Grandad Review by Safe Sounds w/ Photo by Alex Carre & Art by Jaymie Flis

Lammping Review by Daniel G. Wilson w/ Photos & Art by Danny Moore
Video by Kyle McDonnell & Moon Palmar
Video by Erin Corbett
Poem by Chris Harry w/ Photo by Julia Robins

Poem & Photo by L. Michael Cosby
Ace of Wands Interview by Desiree Das Gupta w/ Photo by Sara May & Art by Melanie Gail St. Pierre

Tush Interivew by Ruth Tecle with photo by Darnell Reddick

Romshii Video by Erin Corbett

Piers Oolvai Interview by Brent O'Toole & Video by Erin Corbett

Mr. Joy Interview by Julia Robins w/ Art by Blob

Breeze Interview by Julia Robins w/ Photo by Jayme Keith
Badge Epoch Interview by Neal Armstrong w/ Art & Photography by Andrew Zukerman

The Effens, A Memoir by Nic Waterman w/ Photo by Kurtis Watson

Issue 7 / Print

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